Autore Titolo Arrangiamento – Elaborazione Note
Kirby Shaw A quiet place 6 voci con solo
All my trials Norman Luboff 5 voci con solo
Ain’a-that good news William Dawson 5 voci
Hall Johnson Ain’t got time to die 5 voci con solo
Deep river Norman Luboff 6 voci con solo
Dese bones gonna rise again
Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel? Edwin Fissinger 8 voci con solo
Dry bones Marina Mungai
Elijah Rock Jester Hairston
Ezechiel saw the wheel Norman Luboff 8 voci con solo
Fix me Jesus
Go down Moses
He’s got the whole world in His Hands Robert Liebau 8 / 10 voci
He’s the Lily of the Valley Alice Parker 4 voci con solo
Honor honor Hall Johnson 6 voci con soli
King of Kings John Hoybye 5 voci con solo
Joshua fit the battle of Jericho Marina Mungai 5 voci
If I got my ticket, can I ride? Parker, Shaw 6 voci con solo
I got a key Parker, Shaw
I got shoes Robert Shaw 5 voci
Houston Bright I hear a voice a-prayin’ 6 voci
I’m going to sing Parker, Shaw 6 voci
I open my mouth André Thomas 6 voci
I stood on the river of Jordan John Hoybye
I want Jesus to walk with me
I will follow Him trascr e adatt. M. Mungai
In that great getting-up morning
Let me fly Robert De Cormier 6 voci con solo
Live-a-humble Jester Hairston 6 voci
Mary had a baby William Dawson 5 voci con solo
Nobody knows the trouble I’ve seen H.T. Burleight 5 voci
Oh happy day Marina Mungai 7 voci con solo
Poor man Lazrus William Dawson
Ride the chariot Hall Smith 4 voci con solo
W. Parfait, B. Smith Satan’s on my shoulders 6 voci
Seekin’ for a city Alice Parker 5 voci con solo
Somebody’s knockin’ at your door
Sometimes I feel like a motherless child Bruce Montgomery 6 voci con solo
Soon ah will be done William Dawson 5 voci
Swing low, sweet chariot Tommaso Vitale 4 voci
There’s a man going ‘round arr. J. Hoybye elab. M. Mungai 7 voci con solo
This little light of mine Chris Mc Glothlin 7 voci con soli
Wade in the water Norman Luboff 7 voci con solo
Witness Jack Halloran 8 voci
You must come in through the door William Cheatam 8 voci